Missed Crew Call – No Problem!

If you missed Crew Call, or want to sign up for another film, you can still do that! Project loglines and contact information are posted below, simply read about the projects and contact the producer(s) of the project you are interested in working on. When you contact the production team, make sure you include your name, phone number, and what role you are interested in.

As a reminder, our Equipment Tutorial is this upcoming Sunday, at 2pm in the Demo Room of the ISS Media Center (MLB 2001), and is highly encouraged for all new members.
Winter 2018 Line Up:

All Purpose Flour

Hilarity ensues when three burnt out girlfriends ditch studying to make a trip to the grocery store, where they happen to run into a guy from their past.

Directed By: Maya Konstantino

Producer: Jennifer Emery

Associate Producer:Masha Chernitskaya

Dana (Documentary)

A film that investigates how Dana Greene Jr’s 20-hour kneeling protest attempted to disrupt the complacent culture on campus surrounding equality and inclusion.

Directed By: Anita Kulton

Producer: Anita Kulton

Associate Producer: Nikole Davtyan

Hire Me

A girl must get a job before she graduates, or else she might die.

Directed By: Evan Vacchiano

Producer:  Evan Vacchiano

Associate Producer: Justine Fineberg

Not Delivery

When two stoned teens try to buy a midnight snack from 7/11, they encounter the blazer’s worst enemy: the law- man.

Directed By: Scott Hardin

Producer: Joe Wagner

Associate Producer: Natalie Anderson

Planet Earth Endangered Species Special: Genital Crabs

An endangered species must find a new home in the most unlikely of environments

Directed By: Bethany Lehman

Producer: Seth Andrews

Associate Producer: Luke Stevenson

Serial Theft

A film noir investigation takes place in an off campus house.

Directed By: Ian Harris and Charles Rivkin

Producer:Ian Harris and Danielle Yacobson

Associate Producer: Anna Dang


A lonely puppeteer thinks he’s found the one until his jealousy gets in the way.

Directed By: Andrew Howell

Producer:  Kylie Hoef

Associate Producer: Matt Correa and Charlotte Beggs


A film that encapsulates the University experience in the 21st century, all told through a series of unique dances that focus on specific aspects, trials, and tribulations of college life, which ultimately culminates in a greater sense of camaraderie.

Directed By: Gabriel Wolfe

Producers: Gabriel Wolfe, Kylie Hoef and Evan Vacchiano

Associate Producer: Charlotte Beggs

Vine Addicts Anonymous

A support group meets to discuss and confront their “addiction” to watching Vine compilations.

Directed By: Sam Rosenberg

Producer: Maria Mikhailova

Associate Producer: Sam Rosenberg

Questions? Contact us at m-aginfo@umich.edu

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