Fall 2017 Projects

 If you would like to get involved in one of our projects below simply email the producer on the project with your desired role.


Written/Directed by Ian Harris and Charles Rivkin

Producer: Evan Vacchiano

Associate Producers: Ian Harris & Luke Stevenson

It’s the most important job they’ve ever pulled…until they realize they’ve forgotten their batteries.


Kelsey’s Honor Thesis:

Written/Directed by Kelsey Fox

Producer: Jennifer Emery

Associate Producers: Seth Andrews & Sam Rosenberg

Now college graduates, Billy and Kira are headed for the queer center of the world: New York City… only to be chewed up and spit back out. Forced to move back to their childhood suburb, they must try to make their old home their new home.


Last Call (Music Video):

Written/Directed by Nikita Mungarwadi

Producer: Anita Kulton

This coming-of-age music video (w/o dialogue) tells the story of a BOY and a WOMAN who are in different places in their lives. One storyline follows a free-spirited boy who’s just graduated college, but is coming to terms with parting with his girlfriend. We also have a second storyline following a successful, yet unhappy business woman nostalgic for the past.


Mask Out:

Written/Directed By Yevheniia Tananko

Producer: Joe Wagner

Associate Producer: Masha Chernitskaya

In the world where everybody has to wear masquerade masks to hide and suppress their feelings, an ordinary guy, just the same as everybody else, meets a girl who does not follow the rule, and now he has to choose between life as it is and life as it could be.



Written/Directed By Gabriel Wolfe

Producers: Gabriel Wolfe

Associate Producer: Maky Rupert & Natalie Anderson

A mysterious cornslinger finds himself in wrongs small town.


On Air:

Written/Directed By Maria Mikhailova

Producers: Maria Mikhailova & Sam Goldin

Associate Producers: Nikole Davtyan

Eric, a nightly news anchor, learns about his girlfriend’s death when he has to report live breaking news of a plane crash.


View Point:

Written/Directed By Dylan Lange

Producers: Kylie Hoef & Danielle Yacobson

Associate Producer: Charlotte Beggs & Justin Fineberg

A damaged twenty-something must grapple with guilt and forgiveness as he takes advantage of a futuristic VR company’s tech, in order to move past a traumatic experience all the while avoiding the company’s security network.

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