M-agination Films prides itself in being an opportunity for many artistic interests, despite your level of experience with film production. Each semester we have a month-long development process in order to choose projects and outfit them with a crew and cast.

Script Call
(Winter 2017- Jan. 16th @ Midnight)
Script Call is the first opportunity to become involved in a project. Any student at the University of Michigan is welcome to submit a short script or treatment to be considered for one of our projects for the semester. It can be any genre, narrative or non-narrative. If you aren’t chosen, don’t fret! We’ll have another script call in January.

Script Rules and Guidelines:

  • Submissions can be in the format of a proposal, outline or script.
  • We accept all sorts of proposals (narrative, experimental, music videos, documentary, animation [if you have the resources], etc.)
  • No more than 15 pages (in script format). Usually projects are between 4-7 pages (think page per minute)
  • You can submit as many scripts/proposals as you like.
  • Keep in mind, write within our resources (practicality- i.e. we can’t build a roller coaster or travel to Antarctica for the weekend)
  • Any details about how to shoot the project are always helpful (i.e. You have access/ideas for locations/props etc. – We will help you with all of this of course! It’s just good to know if you have additional resources)
  • We highly recommend you use script writing software, check out this FREE script software: https://www.celtx.com/pricing.html OR https://story.adobe.com/en-us/index.html

See more tips and tricks for script call here.

Crew Call
(Winter 2017- Jan. 23rd @ 8PM- Location TBD)
After projects have been chosen and announced, M-agination Films board producers and their directors/writers will briefly present their projects to M-agination Films members at a meeting. Those students then may sign up for as many projects as they like and specify which positions they are interested in. If you’re new to filmmaking, you can sign up as a production assistant (or PA).

(Winter 2017- Jan. 27th & 28th- 10AM to 3PM – 4th Floor Union – UAC Offices)
If you want to be in front of the camera, M-agination Films producers and directors will hold filmed auditions over a two day period. We will take resumes/head shots but they aren’t required. Sides and character descriptions for each project in need of actors will be provided. If you can’t make the times of the auditions, please contact us and we can try to connect you with the producer of the project you’re interested in.

Joining the Producer Board
We are  accepting producer applications for the 2017-2018 year. If you are interested in being part of the board next year, please email us at m-aginfo@umich.edu. Producer applications are due by Jan. 15th @ Midnight.

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